Renaissance Group International  is an award-winning GULF-based with branches in TORANTO and CAIRO architecture, interior, and furniture design firm established in 2000 by Eng. Ahmed Amer. Over the past 14 years, the firm has rapidly grown from a staff of three, to a team of over 40 employees, including 20 dedicated architects and designers, united by a shared passion for culture and the arts


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RGI Interior Design Projects range from private homes and summer villas, to restaurants and commercial spaces. Working with local and international clients, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships that enable us to create distinctive, spectacular spaces. RGI specializes in high-end interiors projects that can involve architecture, custom designed furniture, as well as art and design from around the world. Our philosophy is to combine style, comfort, functionality and attention to detail to create spaces which are contemporary and livable.


Design–build is sometimes compared to the “master builder” approach, one of the oldest forms of construction procedure. Comparing design–build to the traditional method of procurement, the authors of “Design-build Contracting Handbook” noted that: “from a historical perspective the so-called traditional approach is actually a very recent concept, only being in use approximately 150 years.



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Over 20  years of experience in residential and commercial design and furnishing, in most of gulf countries, allows us to design solutions that are tailor made to suit our clients’ particular style. We propose all design components from furniture, lighting fittings, decorative items, overall finishes, right down to the choice of linen and cutlery.  

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Al Khobar Head Office:

Al Khobar Head Office:

Al-Saeed Business Tower

Dammam Khobar Highway

P.O. Box 3024 Alkhobar K.S.A

Tel: 0554478334



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Palaces and Villas

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RGI team works on a range of commercial and residential projects. Our involvement ranges from purely consultative to the complete delivery of high-end interior design projects. From working with clients all over the world, our belief is that an unparalleled understanding of the project and the client’s needs is fundamental to creating distinct environments, perfectly suited for the purpose intended. Hence, building a strong client relationship is always the first step on any project.

RGI has also been designing furniture and home accessories. With a dedicated team of in-house furniture designers, RGI caters to both end-customers and large scale custom furniture projects, combines materials with local traditions to create timeless pieces that are meticulously designed, while offering great value.


In contrast, the design–build concept–also known as the "master builder" concept—as been reported as being in use for over four millennia.
Although the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) takes the position that design–build can be led by a contractor, a designer, a developer or a joint venture, as long as a the design–build entity holds a single contract for both design and construction, some architects have suggested that architect-led design–build is a specific approach to design–build.
In 1993, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) was formed. Its membership is composed of design and construction industry professionals as well as project owners. DBIA promotes the value of design–build project delivery and teaches the effective integration of design and construction services to ensure success for owners and design and construction practitioners. The Design-Build Institute of America is an organization that defines, teaches and promotes best practices in design–build.

ceoAll our projects are based on our clients input. From there, our creativity starts and we began to bring their projects to life. All our architectural and design projects are prepared in great detail, enabling our clients to review the project fully at any stage. Details are what define our character the strongest, and that is why we pay attention to the most minor feature, even if it be a simple vase or a simple distinctive design.

Natural materials are like the notes in a musical score. They have to be carefully composed to create fine music. Wood, marble, glass, iron, and fabric are some of the tools we use to express our creativity.

Understanding their innate qualities allow us to combine them together to create interiors, suited to our clients specific needs. Our ability to utilize individual talent while working as a strong team allows us to efficiently complete the largest of projects while offering our clients a full “turn key “ service. We bring together our three offices in Toronto, al-khobar and Hong Kong in this process, which not only utilize the skills of our entire team, but guarantees a local presence at all stages of our clients projects.

Our work is our vacation; each project is a series of challenges, generating events and memories that bear witness to our dedication to perfection.

Architect Ahmed Amer
CEO & Founder

Al khobar Head Office

Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

Bandriah Center

Tel: +966 554478334


Cairo Address


Cairo, Egypt




Toronto Address


Toronto, Canada

Supply of worldwide furniture

Supply of worldwide furniture

Supply of all decorative items

Supply of all decorative items

Supply of all finishing material

Supply of all finishing material

(unique embroidery and handmade detail)

(unique embroidery and handmade detail)

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